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Your Challenges

[Do you feel one or more of the following points apply to you current situation?]

Poor sales, dwindling customers
Poor content to communicate
Inefficient processes
Lack of customer satisfaction and loyalty, too few returning customers
Not knowing how to continue, too many and urgent tasks or challenges
Changing market situation or industry disruption
Strength or weakness of the home currency
Too expensive cost structure
Saturated market or home market
Lack of customer proximity
Lack of employee motivation
Large employee turnover, know-how loss
Too little support, too few fundings (NPOs)
Internal resistance to change
Lack of decision-making for prioritization and focus
Too much information and complexity
Unclear perception of your brand in the market
Not having time or resources to implement your vision

Your Responsibilities

[Do you have one of the following or similar responsibilities?]

Sustainable and long-sighted planning
Ensure financing and allocate budgets
Optimize use of resources
Advance development alongside daily business
Lead creative campaigns
Market overview and analysis
Initiate change
Ensure added value evenly
Increase sales
Maintaining customer engagement and networking high
Hiring staff
Set goals in short- and long-term plans
Overview service vendors or product suppliers
Mitigate internal conflict

Your Objectives

[Can you identify one of more of the following objectives applying to your tasks?]

Leading a specialized market or a niche
More efficient processes and more clarity about it
The right product or service
Congruent values and activities
Clear information flows
Priority certainty
Adequate offer for customers, right product for the right customer
Monitoring and anticipation of change
Right specialty or segment
Right person in the right place, good involvement of all
Ideal accessibility for customers
Meaningfulness and challenge
Creative corporate culture
Focus on value creation
Overview of activities internally and externally
Structured approach
Clear objective and strategy