We tackle every type of problem

Over the past twenty years we have helped over 50 clients, ranging from Brazilian fashion startups to large organizations like FIFA and Swisscom, with issues as varied as branding, accounting, website design, business development and tech stack audits.

What allows us to do this – and what makes us different – is our unusually broad range of expertise. Having had extraordinarily varied careers, we have deep experience in a wide variety of industries, geographies and operational disciplines. Take a look at our People page to find out more.

Why choose us?

Competitive rates for top consulting talent

As a virtual team of international consultants, we have no expensive overhead, we can access a wide range of overseas suppliers and we work in a tax-optimized environment. All of this translates to superior work at a lower cost for our clients.

Breadth of experience

We’ve worked as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, developers, marketers and investors. 

We’ve served clients on four continents and in three different languages. 

We’ve served seed-stage startups, multinationals and non-profits. 

We’ve worked in fashion, telecom, media and retail.

We’ve served as interim general manager, we’ve created websites, we’ve crafted new brand identities, and launched new go-to-market strategies.

It would be hard to find a problem your organization faces that we have not seen – and fixed – before!

International network of knowledgeable advisors

We are truly multi-region, multilingual and multidisciplinary.